Mostly works engaging the stakeholders, the concerned departments on Road safety and the Lead Agency on Road Safety. TRAX has been doing the advocacy for thevarious issues on improving the Road Safety like Advocacy for standardized helmets, advocacy for banning the advertisements depicting the violations of Road Safety laws and rules. TRAX for improving the Road Safety, also actively takes part in various Road Safety committee meetings. Recently, TRAX has also given presentation on the major Road Safety issues to the concerned committee at the top most level.TRAX is acting as an energizer for Road Safety in all over India.



• 180 Degree Visibility Seeing and being seen are fundamental prerequisites for the safety of all road users. Inadequate visibility is an important factor that influences the risk of a road crash among all types of road user.TRAX have been advocating for improving visibility especially at intersections.
• Safe School Zone Using the multi- sectorial Techniques to develop Safe Road infrastructural Environment for the safety of school students around the schools. TRAX is actively advocating for Safe School Zone from last 3 years in Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad.



TRAX is aggressively advocating for Standardized Helmet as well as Safe and Scientific Design of Motorized Two Wheelers. Taking the advocacy forward TRAX and Central Road Research Institute Jointly organized two days conference on “Safe Riding Initiative” under the auspices of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways dedicated for the safety of Motorized Two Wheeler Riders and Pillion Riders and efforts are still continuation :-
• To Promote use of standardized Helmets
• Helmet usage for all ages.



1. Media Content Regulation Program
To promote ‘Correct Road Traffic Behaviour’ on roads it is mandatory that TV Commercials from all Industries including automobile industry should be made responsible in promoting ‘Safety Aspect’ amongst road users. Advertisements must showcase ‘Safe Driving Behaviour’ rather than depicting Negligent/Dangerous Driving and over speeding with a ‘FUN’ element. TRAX have been working on the issue since 2015 and the fight still continues. Initially TRAX faced many hurdles to present the idea of imposing a Ban on TV Commercials, Scenes in Movies & TV Serials and raised the road safety issue across India as a major safety concern with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways-Government of India, Road Safety Committee-Supreme Court of India, Advertising Standard Committee, Council of India, Censor Board, SIAM and Other stakeholders. We organized ‘Pehal’ Advocacy Seminar held at ‘Press Club’, Luck now with Media on ‘Role of Media’ in promotion of Road Safety and Allied Issues’ where U.P. Transport Commissioner has already issued a notice to ban such content. Later the issue has been discussed at several platforms.

2. Helmet India Advocacy & Awareness
• Safe Road User Initiative

Eicher Group Foundation and TRAX have come together for the project “Safe Road Users Initiative” With support of Kolkata Traffic Department, with an aim to encourage young people to use the Standardized Helmets.

• National Bike Rider on a Mission
TRAX’s Volunteer- Ms. PoojaYadav , Solo biker took an initiated for 15 Days Motorcycle Ride from Sunday 19th November 2018 onwards , for the ‘MISSION – HELMET’ across seven states. She got the support of all concerned stakeholders and NGOs. She completed almost 10,000 km Motorcycle Journey to 15 stated and 42 Cities across India .During her mission she had ensure that every Rider should wear ISI marked Standardized Helmets especially women Riders and Pillion Riders. Along the way, she hand over the memorandum to the decision makers including enforcement agencies. She also gatheredcommitments from the officials and Generated Plenty of media attention for the issue.

• Ride to Safety
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. initiated a campaign ‘Ride to Safety Initiative’. We Congratulate ICICI Lombard and Entire Ride toSafetyTeam for creating a Guinness World Record made with 4999 Children wearing standardized Helmets .TRAX is proud to be part of Ride to Safety Campaign .TRAX has been instrumented for other cities like Ahmedahennai &bad, C Bangalore.

3. Youth Engagement Program for Road Safety
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation and Universal SompoGeneralInsurance Company Ltd. with TRAX has come together for the project “Road Safety Rangers” which aims to impart and invoke local resources to be the Social Ambassadorsof extending knowledge, training, research and group activities pertaining to the cause of ‘Road Safety’ among their social circle and fellow students.

4. Road Safety and Juniors Program
The programmed entitled ‘Road Safety and Juniors’ focuses on spreading road safety awareness among school students to make Indian Roads Safe and secure for them and their loved ones. MG Motor India, Government of Haryana and TRAX have initiated the yearlong campaign.



Post Crash Care
TRAX include training on the social Impact of road Crashes, necessity of inculcating road safety habits while walking on the roads ,basic knowledge of road infrastructure and role of bystanders in the case of a road crash .
• Traffic Safety and First Aid Training
• Under our different projects, experts have trained School Bus Drivers and Teachers on the role of Bystanders, Good Samaritan and First Aid care.

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