Road Safety Management

Togetherness is a key of success. Road Safety is one of the area in which multi-sectoral stakeholders are involved and the sustainable results are possible in presence of the close coordinated work. TRAX has been working with different stakeholders and also keep try to get them together in it’s different projects. Helmet India, Road Safety and Juniors, Road Safety Rangers, Media Content Regulations Project are good example by TRAX under this pillar.


Safe School Zone

TRAX is advocating for Safe School Zone from last 2 years in Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad .we have successfully completed one school in Delhi, Two School in Gurugram and Two School in Faridabad. TRAX have been advocating for School zone into Safe School zone. By making saferzone for school going which is the basic need for them and provide them safer infrastructure road environment around a school. Placing the Road Signage Both Side of Road.
• Speed limit Sign
• School Ahead Sign
• Speed Breaker Sign
• Road Safety Message Board

Other developments

• Painting of School Wall with Road Safety messages
• Rumble Strip
• Repairing of the footpath
• Pedestrian Fencing both the side of School Gate
• Zebra Crossing painting with stop line
• Placing the bollard
• Paved Shoulder both the side of Road



The decision of Government of India, for making the ABS system mandatory for the Two – Wheeler in India, as a step forward to assure the Safe Two –Wheeler Design.TRAX also along with many other Stakeholders and NGO’s have advocated for the same.TRAX also submitted the recommendations from the SRI conference to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, NitiAayog and other stakeholders for needful actions.


Road User Behaviour

Under Media Content Regulation Program -

Government of Uttar Pradesh already banned the exhibition of such TV commercials which include negligent driving, rash driving, stunts, driving without helmet and seatbelt. TRAX has submitted the report to Honourable Supreme Court Committed on Road Safety and World Health Organization. The result has been quite positive and then guidelines on the subject are being issued for the content of advertisements in electronic and print media. Advertising Council of India has also considered the points. We are waiting for the stringent guidelines on the same. - Youth Road Safety Ambassadors through Capacity Building programs on Road Safety - Through our awareness campaigns and Advocacy with Media - print and Electronic, we have aware lacs of people on road safety of different ages. - Road Safety Education is mandatory for Teacher during their training.
When drivers are fatigue or sleepy they are less able to respond quickly to changes in the road environment (that is reaction time is slower) and they are also less likely to notice things that may pose a risk. One reason that driver tiredness is responsible for such a high proportion of fatal road accidents is that there is no braking or steering adjustment prior to these accidents. A driver asleep at the wheel will not act to avoid an accident and consequently is much more likely to cause death or serious injury. In fact, tiredness –related accidents are multiple and more likely to result in serious injury types of road accidents. Winding down the window, switching on the air conditioner, chewing gum and getting out to stretch your legs have a limited effect. These strategies will improve your alertness briefly for a short span, but within minutes you return to the same level of tiredness. If you are tired the only safe solution is to stop driving. Sleep is a basic need like food and water .whether you want to or not, if you stay awake long enough you will fall asleep. These micro sleeps are uncontrollable and the longer you are awake the more frequently they occur. Yoga /exercise can improve your sleep. It is important that you don’t exercise just before sleep. While on the road it is important that you manage your tiredness on a long term basis by ensuring that you get regular good quality sleep. You also need to plan your journeys to include regular breaks at least every two hours.


Post crash care

Under our Various Project related tosocial Impact of road Crashes, necessity of inculcating road safety habits while walking on the roads ,basic knowledge of road infrastructure and role of bystanders in the case of a road crash to School Students ,School Teachers , Drivers and Youth . Awareness about Good Samaritan.

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