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Sleepy?Stop Driving

When drivers are fatigue or sleepy they are less able to respond quickly to changes in the road environment (that is reaction time is slower) and they are also less likely to notice things that may pose a risk. One reason that driver tiredness is responsible for such a high proportion of fatal road accidents is that there is no braking or steering adjustment prior to these accidents. A driver asleep at the wheel will not act to avoid an accident and consequently is much more likely to cause death or serious injury. In fact, tiredness –related accidents are multiple and more likely to result in serious injury types of road accidents

Winding down the window, switching on the air conditioner, chewing gum and getting out to stretch your legs have a limited effect. These strategies will improve your alertness briefly for a short span, but within minutes you return to the same level of tiredness. If you are tired the only safe solution is to stop driving.

Sleep is a basic need like food and water .whether you want to or not, if you stay awake long enough you will fall asleep. These micro sleeps are uncontrollable and the longer you are awake the more frequently they occur.

Yoga /exercise can improve your sleep. It is important that you don’t exercise just before sleep. While on the road it is important that you manage your tiredness on a long term basis by ensuring that you get regular good quality sleep. You also need to plan your journeys to include regular breaks at least every two hours.

By-AnuragKulshrestha ,President TRAX

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